Mission of This Site

Within days after November 8, 2016, opponents of newly elected President Donald Trump began speculating about how his four-year term might be shortened. Constitutionally, only three things can achieve that end: the President’s premature death, his removal for incapacity under the procedures set out in the 25th Amendment, or impeachment under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution.

Discussions of grounds for Mr. Trump’s impeachment began even before he took the oath of office. They remain a constant thread in commentary about the Trump Administration. Much of this discussion is, and is likely to remain, wistful fantasy. However, Mr. Trump’s personality and approach to governance are so far at odds with historical American norms that impeachment talk will surely remain a staple of political conversation so long as he is in the White House.

On this website, I will examine the case for impeaching Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, in light of the unfolding events of his administration. I cannot profess complete neutrality. I voted for Mr. Trump’s opponent and view him as unsuited for the presidency. However, he won the 2016 election under the rules set down by the Constitution and is entitled to an uninterrupted tenure of office unless he commits a “high crime or misdemeanor.” Much of the discussion about impeachment in the popular press has been poorly informed. I hope to offer a more rigorous analysis based on long experience as a lawyer, a law professor, and a scholar of impeachment law.

In addition, this site will provide references and links to the work of the most respected scholars and commentators on federal impeachment.