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  • Cornell Bibliography List
    • Categories Include: English Law Impeachment Precedents and the Evolution of the United States Impeachment Provisions; Impeachment Provisions of the United States Constitution; Documentary Sources of Federal Impeachment; Court Cases; Impeachment Procedure; Government Publication; Scholarly Commentary on Impeachment and its Development; Journal and Law Review Articles Concerning Federal Impeachment; Supplementary Material on Impeachable Offenses; Relevant Indexes, Subject Headings and Classification Numbers for Further Research; and Books on Clinton.
  • In-House Bibliography List
    • Categories Include: Books and Articles on Impeachment; Historical Analysis of Impeachment; Executive Powers and Immunity; High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Impeachable Offenses; Congress and Congressional Power; The Structure and Process of Impeachment; The Judiciary and Judicial Power; Constitutional Analysis and Separation of Power; Post-Constitution Discussion and Sources; Pre-Constitution Discussion and Sources; Presidential Impeachment;  and State Impeachment.

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