Today, Slate senior editor Jeremy Stahl wrote an informative piece about Congressman Adam Schiff’s effort to dissuade Mr. Trump from using pardons to derail investigations.  Mr. Schiff introduced a bill that would require disclosure to Congress of all files “obtained by a United States Attorney, another Federal prosecutor, or an investigative authority of the Federal Government” about any case involving a pardon recipient in which the president or any of his relatives are implicated as a subject, target, or witness.

Though Schiff’s bill seems unlikely to pass, its obvious objective is to signal to Mr. Trump that abuse of the pardon power will not go unexamined by congress, and indeed can be impeachable.  Mr. Stahl was kind enough to quote Professor Bowman at several points.

Also, on Monday, Slate syndicated a revised version of this website’s post arguing that “It’s Too Late for a New ‘Saturday Night Massacre.'”

We’re grateful for the exposure.