This article by Ramesh Ponnuru comments on the feasibility of impeaching Donald Trump. Ponnuru makes several important points. First, he reminds us that the constitution requires a majority of the House and supermajority of the Senate for successful impeachment, and thus that impeachment is only possible if Congress is willing to work across party lines. Achieving that level of congressional support would require evidence of genuine wrongdoing, careful persuasion by impeachment advocates, and time. The task of persuading the congress to impeach would be made more difficult by the fact that both the electorate and the House and Senate are much more polarized than they were in times of Nixon and Clinton. At the time Ponnuru wrote this article in July 2017, he did not believe there was sufficient evidence of impeachable conduct to merit serious talk of impeachment. Since then, much has happened. Taking into consideration the Charlottesville protests, the DACA decision, the Hurricane Harvey and Irma response, as well as the Joe Arpaio pardon, an impeachment of the President may be closer than initially theorized in Ponnuru’s article. Though it would be interesting to hear Ponnuru’s thoughts on the matter today, no matter what happens, the points he brings up remain the same. An impeachment would require an inter-party alliance, persuasion, dedication, and patience.