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President Trump has claimed that the text messages which were exchanged between FBI Agent Strzok and FBI Lawyer Lisa Page are “bombshells.” The text messages were likely related to the investigation of the Clinton Email Scandal. While others have expressed concern over what the text messages indicate about the way the FBI handles cases, President Trump did not specify what he meant when he called the texts “bombshells.” Though one might argue that the text messages indicate that there is an “Anti-Trump bias” in the FBI, they are a clearer indication of a lack of professionalism than they are of anything else.

Trump’s calling the texts “bombshells” is a part of his pattern of using any discrepancy within the FBI to characterize the investigation of his obstruction of justice and attempt to defraud the United States as misguided. He made similar claims after the release of Nune’s memo, stating that it “totally vidicates” him, despite the fact that memo did little more than allege possible partisan bias in a dossier used to obtain a warrant. It seems Trump will take what distractions he can get. Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting the results of Mueller’s investigation — for the truth covered by all these pointed fingers.

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