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I read a piece from the L.A. Times this morning, which opined that though Mueller’s case for obstruction of justice is growing stronger with recent revelations surrounding Michael Flynn, it seems unlikely that Republican Senators will vote to remove the President. Rather they will try to cut down the credibility of  Mueller, as President Trump has done in recent weeks. It’s hard to say this lack of faith in the Republican Party is not warranted. With a few exceptions, Republican Senators have been reticent towards, and even supportive of, President Trump’s actions, which have ranged from unorthodox to corrupt. However, it seems to me that not all is lost in the Republican Party. Not, at least, if we can assume that the Party answers to its base.

President Trump rode into office on a wave of anti-institutionalism. His support came from the people’s distrust of big government. So what will happen when it is revealed that Trump has become the thing which he rallied his supporters against; when he becomes the face of corrupt government? What if then, instead of clouding the truth and pointing fingers, Republicans acted with integrity? What if Republican Congressmen finally said ‘enough is enough’? I can’t be sure, but I can only imagine that the Republican base, a base which has grown tired of deceitful government officials, would rally around them.  It would be a huge win for a party which has been burdened by “fake news” for the past year. And it would be an inspirational act: the sleeping elephant awoken, to finally trumpet its unbridled trunk.