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This article, from TIME, compares the methods of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to those of former Independent Counsel Ken Starr. Starr was charged with investigating the Clinton-Whitewater real estate scandal, and released a report which eventually lead to President Clinton’s impeachment. Notably, however, the report was not centered around Whitewater, but rather the lie Clinton told to cover up his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Unlike Starr, TIME notes, Mueller is remaining focused on his task — the investigation of Russian collusion.

It would be easy for Mueller to become distracted with all the stories of Trump’s sordid acts floating around; such as those surrounding Stormy Daniels. But those of us in the audience should be glad that Mueller has remained focused. Though nailing Trump with some ignoble deed may be enough to lower his public esteem and get him impeached, we should want more. We should want the whole truth.

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