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News surfaced today that Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing are leaving President Trump’s legal team only 5 days after being selected to join it. Apparently, diGenova and Toensing’s law firm represents two other people being investigated by Mueller, thereby creating a conflict of interest, which prevents them from representing Trump in the Mueller investigation. However, Trump may have created his own obstacles to representation: reports indicate that Trump did not feel “he had personal chemistry” with the lawyers. This news compounds with the recent resignation of John Dowd, the lawyer who headed Trump’s outside team addressing the Russian probe. A source reported that Dowd was frustrated that the President was not taking his advice. This resignation came soon after Trump attacked Mueller via twitter.

There has been speculation that lawyers are reluctant to work with Trump; allegations that Trump has denied. However, the question remains as to whether Trump is too stubborn to work with his lawyers. If Trump is ignoring his lawyer’s advice, that may lead to a number of ramifications, including the firing of Mueller. That can only make impeachment more likely.

Image result for toensing digenovaThe Washington Post, via Getty Images