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Rep. Al Green, who read his article of impeachment on the House floor last month, is now pledging to put the articles to a vote by Christmas. 

Green’s articles of impeachment, which can be read here, allege that President Trump has “undermined the integrity of his office,” and “brought disrepute on the presidency.” His articles cite specific acts of the President including demonstrations of bigotry and racism through sexist remarks, demeaning NFL players, imposing a Muslim travel ban, accusing President Obama of tapping his phones, and suggesting that transgendered people should not be allowed in the military. Additionally, he alleges Trump promoted violence through his support of the Charlottesville protesters, behaved dishonestly by claiming he won the popular vote, and degraded constitutional rights by suggesting police not act kindly to arrestees.

How much support Al Green’s articles of impeachment will have in the House remains unclear.