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Representative Green offered articles of impeachment on the House floor for the second time this morning. Those who read Rep. Green’s first set of articles, will know that they cited Trump’s continued sexism and bigotry, which “underminded the integrity of his office.” Specific examples of said bigoty were his Muslim ban, comments towards the Charlottesville protestors, and his attack on the kneeling NFL players. Added to this list now are the comments President Trump made during the presentation of the bipartisan immigration proposal, insulting immigrants from African nations, Haiti, and El Salvador  — his “shithole” comment. Green claims that Trump is trying to convert his bigotry into policy.

The timing of Green’s resolution is questionable. With a government shutdown looming, and Congressmen’s minds on things such as immigration reform, Green is unlikely to make any headway with impeachment. However, that has not stopped Green before. Despite the fact that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has made it known that she prefers a more diplomatic approach to impeachment, Green has been vocal in the impeachment effort. It seems likely that Green cares less about the success of his efforts than he does about making a statement: that he will not tolerate bigotry in the Oval Office. Frankly, I can’t blame him.

The text of his resolution can be found here.

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